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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  January 20, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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they could see 8 to 10 inches of snow in the higher elevations. we are all under this purple and this extends towards fredericksburg as well and you can see that this winter weather advisory kicks in later on this evening and it will run through tomorrow at 1:00 and we could see a little bit of everything here in the city. and maybe even a little snow and ice accumulating to the north and west. there is a lot of moisture back out to the west of us and we'll see this fill in over the next several hours. but as we zoom in a little bit on radar, we don't see anything in the area now. it's probably going to be a few more hours before we begin to see some of that. temperatures aren't quite cold enough for this to start as snow. we may have driving problems before it's all said and done. upstairs, she's going to take you through the rest of the story. >> i see some good news. nobody likes to know we'll have this combination of slipping and sliding, but at least it's not happening during a morning rush hour and evening rush hour.
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you're going to get through tonight okay, but just enough wintery mix to cause problems. the wind gets going at 9:00, 10:00, maybe 11:00. with this not being a weekday commute, that's when you really need to keep an eye on it because tomorrow morning when we think this may start to transition. tonight it will begin as some snow and sleet. you can get traction on that, but tomorrow morning, this begins to change over to freezing rain and you may say, why are we getting freezing rain? it's because there's warmer air coming in aloft and it will melt as it comes down to the surface, where it may freeze on contact. we hope you get traction with snow and sleet. we think this will taper off by tomorrow afternoon. but between now and then, i can only tell you this, this cold wedge, which is set up by high pressure to the north has a hard time getting out of the area. it hangs in there for dear life. we may be stuck with freezing drizzle. gary will have more coming up,
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but head's up, some travel problems could be in your future early tomorrow morning. >> thanks very much. we are already hearing about school closings for tomorrow in anticipation of that nasty weather. prince georges county schools say all extracurricular activities for tomorrow will start at noon. activities for sunday will go on as scheduled and all school sponsored activities for tomorrow are canceled. we'll bring you the latest closings as we get them. and send us your photos and more with fox 5 weather app. go to our apple's app store or the android market and search for d.c. weather. you can also text 29473. and now to a fox 5 news alert. a home invasion on carolton parkway forced five schools. three men entered the house around 11:00 a.m. and fought with the people inside. then took off. police arrested two of the men, but looking for a third.
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during the original search, a pilot reported seeing someone with a gun in that area. so officials locked down four nearby schools as a precaution until police could check them out. >> and a news alert, police in fairfax county, prince william county, and manassas park working together to try to track down a woman responsible for a series of armed robberies. you can see her here in this surveillance video. police believe the same woman has hit four convenience stores since december 29. each time she displayed a small handgun and demands cash. if you recognize her, police would like to hear from you. >> the occupy d.c. movement set its sights on the supreme court today. at issue, campaign financing and the course decision that dramatically changed the way corporations can support candidates. protesters and police squared off in what has become an increasingly familiar scene. tom fitzgerald has the latest. >> they have occupied the
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white house. >> you're doing it wrong. >> and they have occupied congress. this time, the occupy movement set its sights on the highest court in the land. >> we have come to the supreme court. >> we have come to the supreme court. >> under police escort, demonstrators marched up pennsylvania avenue from occupy d.c. camps on freedom plaza in mcpherson square to the supreme court. >> you respect these institutions today? >> no. >> the occupy movement has taken criticism that its message has been too broad and against too many things. but this demonstration is about one thing. the supreme court citizen's united decision. the protesters say opened a flood gate of corporate money into political election. >> it's about who owns our government. >> in 2010, the supreme court ruled corporations can spend as
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much as they want to on campaigns. the result has been super packs, political action committees, which can spend millions on ads. >> corporations are not perfect. >> in the republican presidential race, many of the negative attack ads have come from super pack. demonstrators say they want a constitutional amendment to reverse the decision. >> they are basically just another way for corporate america to buy government. >> the protests remain peaceful until demonstrators dragged a barricade from the steps into the crowd. later, they jumped on it and broke it apart. officials say in all, supreme court police made 12 arrests, one of them inside the building. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. virginia governor, bob
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mcdonnell made his choice in the presidential election. today he endorsed mitt romney. romney has been an effective leader in business as the head of the salt lake city olympic committee and governor of massachusetts. meanwhile, the republican presidential candidates held their final debate before tomorrow's primary. tonight, one last pitch to voters in the state. >> the debate started with newt gingrich lashing out over a question about his ex-wife's allegations that he asked for an open marriage. >> i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that. >> then, mitt romney getting booed for his response to releasing his tax return. >> i don't know how many years i'll release. i'll take a look at what our documents are. >> today, the candidates are back on the campaign trail, making a final push for tomorrow's high stakes primary. >> it seems like the rough and
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tumble world of politics is to prevalent, you see the dynamics changing. >> romney could wrap up the nomination in south carolina, but since then, the republican front runner conceded defeat in iowa after officials showed rick santorum came out on top and gingrich is showing serious moe money momentum in the polls. >> have a contest that will take us down the road a ways. >> i think i jumped 11 points. governor romney come down a little bit and so you have seen a lot of turmoil in that sense. >> santorum is working to get the vote behind him, attacking gingrich and his congressional record. >> after three years, conservatives decided no. and they tried to actually move out of the speakership. >> fox's craig boswell is live in charleston, south carolina, tonight. joins us now. craig, thanks for joining us with. the reaction on the streets for
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last night' debate. what are people talking about? >> that is all they are talking about. that debate from the very start, newt gingrich's answer is on everybody's mind. we have been talking to people for several days, asking about personal issues or economic issues and people here, it's the state with the higher unemployment. so they really are focused on economic issues and certainly after that answer last night, they are talking about it. but they push those personal issues aside. >> craig, does it seem those allegations against newt gingrich are hurting him? >> certainly not if you look at the polls and you look at the amount of people showing up for events. he has surged in polls. some of the polls out today, some of the local polls show newt gingrich ahead of mitt romney. others that are neck and neck. a week ago, mitt romney was ahead by 20, 29 points t. is a neck and neck race. it is anybody's race.
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>> what are people on the streets saying about mitt romney and the whole income tax releasing his income taxes? is that affecting people there? >> reporter: i think they are talking mostly about his answers in last night's debate. he is answer a hard time answering that question. that is something people are talking about here. mitt romney is trying to turn that around a little bit today, talking about newt gingrich and his time in the house and some of the investigations there where some of those records haven't been released. they are going back and forth. it's getting tense. here we are 24 hours ahead of the vote. >> getting out the vote is the most important thing. how is the weather going to be like tomorrow? >> beautiful day. we are looking at a 70-degree day. maybe some sprinkles in the evening, but much nicer than where we came from in iowa and new hampshire for sure. >> craig boswell, thanks for being with us. republicans already planning their next move to make the keystone oil pipeline
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a reality. president obama blocked the canada to texas pipeline, at least temporarily. house energy and committee chairman said a fresh push could be part of a new round for negotiations, over extending the tax cut and benefits for the long-term unemployed. >> amateur video surfaces as the search resumes off the italian coast. and the vice president is forced to cut his visit short as wild fire rages out of control in nevada. also ahead, president obama channels his inner al green at the apalo. >> and we are tracking a winter weather alert tonight. gary is back with the very latest on the forecast. we'll be right back. 
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now the very latest developments on the deadly cruise ship accident in italy. new video shows the confusion on board right after the ship hit a sand bar. >> search resumed for 21 people still missing in the disaster. the death toll remains at 11. fox's craig burke has the latest from italy. >> getting mixed messages, video taken from a passenger on the costa concordia the night it crashed, shows people with their life jackets strappdirect
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member over the loud speaker to board lifeboat number 3. moments later, another crew member makes a completely different announcement. [ speaking foreign language bank accounts. >> language ] >> the ship's captain under fire and house arrest. he faces possible manslaughter and abandoning ship charges. relatives of the victims who lied in the crash laying a wreath near the water next to the cruise ship. friends and family of the passengers and crew who remain missing continue flowing into the area, hoping their loved ones will be found alive. meanwhile, crews laying down the ground work to begin pumping out 500,000 gallons of fuel on board the ship. officials are concerned that if the ship shifts, it could damage the fuel tanks resulting
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in an environmental disaster. >> they are working to find ways to transfer the fuel through pipes to a tank boat. that tank boat is here already. >> crews are waiting until the search for survivors and bodies is called off before they start moving into the ship to get the fuel out. greg burke, fox news. a wild fire forced 2,000 residents out of their homes. the fire started yesterday afternoon and is now about 50% contained. the cause still under investigation. vice president joe biden was in reno yesterday and forced to cut an event short because of the fire. >> they have just told me if i don't let you guys get out of here relatively soon, they are going to make you get out of here. >> the flames eventually came within 100 yards of that high school where the vice president was speaking. rain and snow are in the forecast and could help douse some of those flames, but the charred land does increase the
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chances of flooding. >> people in washington state dealing with the aftermath of one of the worst snowstorms to hit the region in recent years. hundreds of thousands of customers are without power and the utility says it could take into the weekend or later to restore it. the storm is blamed for at least three deaths. temperatures are expected to rise in the coming days and that could lead to flooding when all that snow melts. in oregon, flooding is already a problem. the governor declared a state of emergency in several counties there and more are likely to be added to that list. thousands have been asked to e have been wait as more roads are closed. the flooding is blamed for one death and after a car was swept out of an parking lot. back down to the winter weather alert that may affect our region. gary, a lot of folks are asking the question, when exactly will we start to see the change here? >> later on this evening. it's tough to time out with this type of a system. it gets here faster than what
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our forecast guide advertised. we are thinking 10:00, 11:00, we could begin to see our first flakes. keep in mind, it looks like it starts out as all snow for everybody. we are going to be plenty cold here at the surface and plenty cold aloft. but as we progress through the overnight, we're going to get a changeover, first with warm air coming in aloft and that will start swifting over some sleet and by tomorrow morning, talking about freezing rain. the big question to this storm is how long will it stay freezing rain right here in the city? okay, and there's a thought that it may change over to rain briefly and try to go back over to some freezing rain. right now, we are basically going to say from the metro to the north and the west, will at least stay freezing rain. south and southeast of that, we'll get a quick changeover to snow tomorrow morning and it will be mostly rain all day. north and west, well up north
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and west, around hagerstown and northern counties of maryland there, probably will stay mostly snow and sleet and then switch over to freezing rain. what ice that we do get accumulating, we're under this winter weather advisory from 11:00 until 1:00 tomorrow. the icing should not be significant. trace amounts of ice, maybe up to a tenth of an inch or something like that and then as you move further to the north and west, the accumulation of ice will get just a little bit greater. it does not look like this will be a big storm. mostly of a nuisance than anything. this is sental radar. you see a lot of snow and you can begin to see snow here. i think the radar is over doing that and initially we'll get some snowfalling, but the atmosphere at the low levels is so dry that most of this will just evaporate before it
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touches the ground. initially it will be very, very light. again, just looking at sental radar, we are not seeing any echos, which leads me to believe what we just saw on the wider region was not real. temperatures out there, plenty cold enough for snow and i tell you what, once it does start at 10:00, 11:00, it will quickly be sticking. a lot of cold air up to the north as well. so we have plenty of cold air in this situation. clouds at 7:00, 33. spotty and light snow south and west by 9:00. and then it looks like snow could be happening for just about everybody by about 11:00 and again, late this evening, once this snow starts falling, it will stick and it could get dicey out there. i know a lot of the roads have been pretreated by some of that solution. >> we'll have the latest coming up. >> full forecast, we're talking about snow accumulations and where we may get some ice and changeover as
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well. >> we'll see you in a few. thanks. coming up, one of the last airmen is buried at arlington national cemetery. we'll take you to the somber ceremony. >> and a soul singer loses her bat welcome leukemia. and if you have a story idea, we want to invite you to call the fox 5 tip line. 202-895-3000 or e-mail your tips to us. we'll be right back. 
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that is the song that eda james will always be remembered for. the r and b legend died today at the age of 73. she suffered from leukemia. she died at a hospital in
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california. she was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2003 and today the hall's president said there is no mistaking the voice of eda james and it will live for ever. one of the remaining tuskegee airmen was buried today. lieutenant colonel served in one of the most african american pilots. he was a real life hero in a unit that played a crucial role in winning world war ii. hanrahan has more on how he will be remembered. >> arlington national cemetery, a holy place for the nation's warriors and their families. a team of six horses pulled a case on carrying the casket of world war ii veteran, luke weathers, jr. weathers was a black american who attained the rank of officer. he did so as a tuskegee airmen. a super select group that flew fighter planes as effective
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protectors. a major movie about the tuskegee airmen is opening this weekend. lieutenant colonel luke weathers was the real thing. immediately after the war, he almost never spoke about the combat. >> daddy was daddy. he was not a tuskegee airman, he was daddy. >> more and more americans learned of the black pilots who trained at the tuskegee institute. >> everywhere i went with my father, people used to say, hello mr. weathers, can i have your autograph? they think he's michael jackson. >> even after winning service in world war ii, life was not easy for african american veterans. >> i don't think they were allowed to be a part of the parade in new york.
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those were things that he wasn't bitter. he was accepting. >> 66 years after his combat service, a grateful nation said good-bye to tuskegee airman, luke weathers. at arlington national cemetery, fox 5 news. what a great story. he left quite a mark. >> indeed he did. coming up, city councilman, marion barry is in the hospital tonight. plus, new rules proposed to end a bitter dispute between brick and morter restaurants and food trucks. plus, the file sharing websites. the legal battle that still lies ahead. i want a baby.
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you probably seen them before. the long line of trucks serving
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things up from tacos to cupcakes. the d.c. government and the trucks owners haven't always gotten along so well. new regulations are aimed at calming some of their disputes. karen. >> we have come a long way since ice cream trucks were the only trucks dispensing food. rules covering mobile food vending are 30 years old. truck owners are screaming mad about being forced to move when no one is waiting in line. so the government is now proposing some changes. if you're a foody who is food truck savvy. lunchtime on a friday is a food truck fiesta. where you can find anything from pizza to ethnic barbecue to crabs. >> i recommend the taco grill. >> to locate a truck, you can follow tweets or your nose. >> our window is right
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upstairs and we look down to see what is down here. very exciting and it's a great option. the restaurants are all crowded around here. >> these mobile entrepreneurs complain they had to follow the outdated ice cream truck rule and leave their location if no one is waiting in line. the new regulation proposed by the department of consumer and regulatory affairs will change that. >> for trucks that prepare food, they would be able to park in a legal spot, pay the meter, and then remain there for the time of the meter. >> i'm excited to see new regulations in the city. i think it's time for washington to come into the modern age of vending. >> another change would set up zones so community groups let the city know how many street vendors, farmer's markets and food trucks they would like to see in their neighborhood. >> if people like to use these to limit vending opportunities, it's going to be bad for business. >> ask customers what they want
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and it's where the trendy food trucks to stay. >> it's such an integral part of d.c. d.c. would lose character. >> these new rules are proposals for now. >> it will be interesting to see how it works out. thank you. >> marion barry is hospitalized, undergoing minor surgery. simply memorial hospital for procedure involving the urinary tract. barry survived prostate cancer and had a kidney transplant three years ago. a spokesperson says barry is otherwise in good health. he is expected to be released from the hospital tomorrow. d.c. councilman, michael brown, wants the city to take a chance on internet gambling. today, brown said opening up online gaming could raise $15 million or even more for the district. >> the question is, how to implement it and make sure it's
5:33 pm
implemented properly. what we wanted to do was make sure we had as much public input as possible. we went to every ward in the city and had community meetings related to igameing. what it means, how it's going to be implemented and frankly, there wasn't a large outcry opposed to it. >> brown says the d.c. regulated version is different from the professional gambling because of the weekly limits. >> a victory for now for the massive campaign against the internet piracy act. postponed the legislation known as the protect ip act and stop online piracy act. some of the most popular websited withdraw their support after the protest. the bills would give the justice authority. >> speaking of the web, one of the biggest file sharing sites has been shut down. federal prosecutors in virginia charged its founder with
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violating piracy laws. site was shut down yesterday and three employees were arrested on accusations they facilitated millions of down loads, $500 million in lost revenue. it is based out of hong kong, but some of the pirated content was in virginia. here to talk more about all of this is retired ambassador, david smith. thanks for being with us tonight. appreciate it. how strong is the government's case against megaupload? >> we'll see. this is going to go through due process of law. this was hand down by a grand jury in virginia here in this area. it was also carried out by several other democratic countries that had to go before judges and get arrest warrants, seizure warrants. so my guess is, it's pretty strong. >> are other sites facing a similar fate? >> it could be. anybody out there who is selling pirated material needs
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to watch out. i think this is a warning. >> are others under investigation that you know of? >> i would have no way of knowing, but if they are working the problem, i would guess they are. >> how does this affect users? >> i mean, anybody who was buying things, for example, on megaupload, it's no longer there. now they can maybe go find a substitute and apparently there were legal and illegal sides to that business. that's all been taken downright now. so those users are immediately effective. >> talking about the other site, possibly facing a similar fate. what do they do going guard? how do they protect themselves? >> taking someone's property and selling it, it's illegal if you sell it in a dark alley and illegal if you sell it on the internet. anyone out there who is selling stolen material needs to stop doing it. it's that simple. this is very different from those bills that were in congress. this is law enforcement as it should be. >> will megauploads survive
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this? do they need to completely revamp, reinvent themselves? >> we're going to have to see what a court says. there's an extradition request, which is where the defendants are. there are three more still wanted. if they do return to the united states, they'll face a trial. this is going to be a very lengthy process. so i think it's going to be very, very difficult for a megaupload. >> ambassador david smith, thanks for joining us. >> thank you very having me. how much should drivers be charged to use the dulles toll road? plus, the university of maryland basketball coach won't be appearing on the sidelines any time soon. we'll tell you what led to his arrest. 
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there's a call to reconsider the rise of the
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dulles freeway. distance price tolling on the road. that is a 14-mile stretch. the dulles greenway privately owned and operated. the board of supervisors says it has deep concerns about using that road. basketball coach, mark turjel revealed an assistant coach was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. he is a d.c. native. he was clearly unhappy when he made that announcement about the arrest. we are working with all involved to gather the facts of the incident and handle the matter once inquiry is completed. coach hill will not be with us the next two games pending fufort investigation. >> he went on to say that since this is a personnel matter, he would not be able to comment further until after the investigation is through. coming up, from the small stage to the big city. we are shining the spotlight of a georgetown player who played a big role in the team's
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success. >> plus, from reston to russia. a local dancer does something that no american has done before. and snow, sleet, even some freezing rain. it's not there yet, but we could see some this weekend. your winter weather forecast is next.
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a local dancer is living here dream, landing the dream of a lifetime. first american ever invited to perform with the historic russian ballet company. joins us live to share her good news, first of all, let me say congratulations to you. for those of you who don't know, she grew up in reston, virginia. how long have you been dancing? >> since i was four years old, and i'm 22 now. >> when did you realize that this is what you wanted to do with the rest of your life? >> i think it was when i was in high school when i had to make the decision to just focus
5:45 pm
purely on ballet. >> for those of us who are not very familiar with the world of ballet, when we say that you are the first american invited to dance with this company, explain how big of an honor this is. >> i can't explain how honored i am. i get chills thinking about it. something i always dreamed of, but never thought was a possibility. the fact that i have this opportunity, i can't even say. >> a lot of people don't understand, you actually had to be invited to try out. explain how you even landed that opportunity. you studied in russia. >> i was there for three years. and afterwards, i wasn't really sure what i was going to do. i wanted to be in the company. i didn't know. i didn't find out if i made it or not and i took a job offer with boston ballet. i have been with them for the past two seasons and i just happen to be back there over the summer. i was rehearsing with my partner for a gala we had.
5:46 pm
one thing led to the next and the director ended up seeing me in rehearsal. >> it left you speechless. >> what an incredible honor. what advice would you give for other young dancers who are looking at you and say wow, she's achieving her dreams. what advice would you give? >> be honest and sincere and it shines through in your dancing or whatever else you can doing. just to persevere and have patience and if you have a goal, you can get there. you just have to put in the time and the work. >> words of wisdom from such a young woman. thank you so much for coming in and we wish you all the best in the world. >> thank you. ♪ [ music ] >> those guys didn't think i would do it. >> who knew. who knew he had a voice. president barack obama surprising his own staffers and
5:47 pm
the crowd at the harlem's famed apalo theater. al green warmed up the crowd for the presidents last night. mr. obama thanked green. he also noted that the tap dancer who chased unpopular acts off the stage did not come out. green says the president nailed the rendition. >> he absolutely nailed it. he was great. >> he needs to give an audition. that would never get him on american idol. simon, if he had still been there, no. >> it was good. >> i need more. >> all right, well you know. >> fair enough. >> he's been working on other things. >> absolutely. i know we have to talk about the weather, but you want to try it? >> there you go. of course. >> you could. definitely. >> we're going to talk about the weather right now. >> exactly. it's not snowing yet, but we're going to have snow. we may see a little on our drive home tonight, 11:00,
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11:30. >> perfect opportunity for the app. >> exactly. this is the great time. how many down loads can we get before the snowfalls? you can do this, it's real easy. put it on your ipad or iphone. go to the app store. go to the android market and you can also tex fox 5 weather. i have no idea how this works. 29473. or is that a cr code? is that what that is? qr code. i see them everywhere, but i don't know how to use them. there's no excuse now. you can track the storm. it is really a nice high definition app. again, it's completely free and twittering on that and all kinds of good stuff. listen, the good thing about what we know about this storm is it's not going to be a weekday commute. obviously tomorrow morning, so a will the of us don't have to be out on the road. that's really good. it's going to start late this evening and quickly mix over into a little bit of sleet as well. i think that's area wide.
5:49 pm
by tomorrow morning, we begin to change over to freezing rain and then the further south and east you are in typical d.c. fashion, it will go on over to rain. goes out by tomorrow late afternoon. give us until 3:00 or 4:00 for things to start get better. in terms of the advisories, they posted them across the area now. winter weather tad visely, this goes from 11:00 tonight until 1:00 tomorrow and farther north and west up into pennsylvania and actually a winter storm warning. that's where we get good accumulations. 8 inches of snow before it's all said and done. plenty cold enough. 34 here in town, but that will be dropping. dulles 31. and this is really important, believe it or not. the amount of moisture in the air. the dew point very low. 8 degrees, 7 degrees. what that means is when this snow begins to come over and precipitate into the atmosphere, our temperatures
5:50 pm
will get colder. so initially, cold air is not a problem with this at all. 7:00 clouds. some spotty light snow by 9:00. light snow for everybody by 11:00. it will be cold enough. i think it will be enough snow that we start to stick initially. if you're out after 10:00 tonight, keep in mind, things could get slippery. this is the part of the big storm system coming through chicago. then this is really wha bring the heavy snow into parts of pennsylvania. for us, we are bringing warm air up on top of colder air at the surface and that's going to allow this wintery precipitation to break out and then it is all driven by temperatures tomorrow. snow, all snow well to the north of us. and again, out into western pa and higher elevations. they get 8 plus inches before it's all said and done. in terms of snow, here's what we are thinking. d.c. area, 1 to 3. coating to 1 inch. further to the north along the
5:51 pm
mason dixon line, maybe 1 to 3. a lot of the snow around the metro area will mix out as it switches over to freezing rain. in the pink area, that includes d.c. this is going to go basically from snow and sleet over to some freezing rain and maybe, at least on the border of this freezing rain and rain, it could mix out. we think here in the city it may just stay all freezing rain right on through the day tomorrow with about a trace of ice possibly accumulating. freezing rain tomorrow morning. a little bit of freezing rain at noon and by late in the afternoon, it looks like we are all going to be mostly cloudy. further north and west, loudoun county, frederick county, montgomery county, howard county and carol county, you guys could say snow to sleet and all freezing rain with maybe a tenth of an inch of ice accumulating up there. very messy storm. you're not going to want to be out tomorrow unless you are far
5:52 pm
enough to the south where it's mainly just rain. because just won't be fun. >> all right. >> comes in at 6:00 and we'll have more details at 10:00 and 11:00. >> the georgetown men's basketball team has been the surprise of the big east this season. ranked number 10 in the country with a 15-3 record. lindsey murphy has one secret to their success. lindsey, what is it? >> this time last year, georgetown freshman was considered a sleeper, playing on a small stage in high school, but getting the job done. one man took notice and now porter is a hoya. it was well worth the plane trip to st. louis and two hour drive on multiple occasions to see porter play ball. at least that's what john thompson says. it was in that small town that he found his indictment in the rough. >> she's the most prepared freshman that i've ever coached. not necessarily the best, but
5:53 pm
understanding, competing at this level. understanding that how hard you have to work. understanding the commitment that goes into being a successful player. >> comes as no surprise, his father, three uncles, and mother all won state championships at the high school before he grabbed three titles himself. consider basketball a lifestyle in the porter household. >> we talk about basketball like every day and that's something that we have fun doing and something we love to do. >> you played a lot of ball against a lot of good competition right in that small town. because everyone, a will the of people in the family played as a youngster, he grew up playing against men. >> porter plays for one of the most storied programs. he is leading georgetown in rebounds and third on the team in minutes played. not bad for a kid who never played aau ball growing up.
5:54 pm
>> when the coach recruited me, he never saw, i think he believed in me and i believed in him. >> he's not thinking about shots, minutes, he understands that a deflection is valuable. he understands that pursuing the ball on every trip is very important. he understands the communication. >> porter caught his attention in high school, he now has a teammate impressed as well. >> we want to see everything. i think he's been very focused and just keeping it, okay, i'm here to do my job. so he came here and he brought it every single day. >> now porter still plays one on one with his father. i asked him who wins, he said we both win and play multiple games. we'll send it back to you in the dude studio. >> we'll take a look at what's coming up on the news edge at 6:00. >> d.c. firefighters versus the
5:55 pm
chief. five uniform changes in one year all on the firefighters tab. they had enough and willing to risk getting in trouble to spread their message. and congress responds two days after a strike on the internet. lawmakers make a surprising move after the website blackout. and music fans remember eda james. how her voice and personal comeback landed her in the hall of fame. ♪
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it's time for the game of the week. douglas at largo is the big winner with nearly 40% of votes. all the highlights tonight on fox 5 news at 10:00. meantime, controversy over a mascot, students across the school district voted and chose the cougars as the mascot. the board of supervisors said it was offensive to women.
5:59 pm
so instead, students will be called the chargers. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with the cougars. women who are cougars own up to it. >> i don't have a problem. i was a cougar when i was in high school. i mean, not -- you know. [ laughter. >> laughter ] >> you know what i mean. >> our mascot. >> thanks for joining us at 5:00. the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. from the midwest to the northeast, everyone is watching a winter storm moving this way. the worst of it just starting to hit chicago. residents could see 8 inches of snow. in the metro area, sue is live in the weather center with the latest. >> those big snow totals are not in the cards for us, but we'et


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